Being audited is an extremely stressful event. Much of the stress is created from not knowing what to expect at the audit. Questions about preparation, the law, scope, and appearing in front of the auditor often times causes panic and adds to the stress. At Spaulding Legal, APC we are dedicated to reducing your stress by taking control, defending your rights, and keeping you informed every step of the way.


The most important aspect of any audit is showing up prepared and organized. If there are holes in your presentation it will lead to the auditor asking more questions, which will extend the audit, lead to additional taxes, and add to your stress. At Spaulding Legal, APC our goal is to establish credibility with the auditor by showing up fully prepared and organized. This puts us in a position to take control of the audit and zealously advocate for every allowable claim on your tax return.


Tax law is widely regarded as one of the most complicated areas of law. This tends to cause additional stress in the audit process. In fact, many auditors are not adequately trained, educated, or experienced enough to fully understand how the law applies to certain factual scenarios. If you do not fully understand how to research, analyze, and present your case the auditor will simply disallow your claim(s). Your attorney at Spaulding Legal, APC holds a Master of Laws in Taxation and has experience making auditors apply the law correctly. This means you will be equipped with the firepower necessary to prevent the auditor from making erroneous determinations that can cost you thousands of dollars.


The scope of an audit is not set in stone from the outset. The initial audit notice only serves as a baseline. The auditor wants to get you to the office to ask additional questions and see if the audit can be expanded to additional years and areas of the return. You may be thinking that maybe you should not show up at all. This is usually the worst thing you can do because then the auditor can open additional years and areas unopposed. At Spaulding Legal, APC we strive to limit the scope of an audit whenever possible. We have success limiting the scope of audits because we show up prepared and understand how to avoid giving extraneous information to the auditor. Ultimately, limiting the scope of an audit will save you time, money, and stress.


Taking time off work or shutting down your business to attend an audit is certainly stressful. At Spaulding Legal, APC we make every effort to help you avoid this problem. In most cases, we are able to attend the audit in your stead. This will relieve the stress of having to answer questions from an auditor. It will also limit the interruptions to your business operations.