Individual Representation

Every tax case is different. If you owe back taxes or are undergoing an audit it is important to understand your rights as a taxpayer. Additionally, you need to know how each strategy (offer in compromise, installment agreement, etc.) will impact you currently and in the future. At Spaulding Legal, APC you will work directly with Tax Attorney Shawn Spaulding to develop a precise legal strategy that achieves your goals and resolves your tax issue.

Personal and business tax preparation for annual filings, amendments, and past due returns.

Lift wage garnishments that are currently in place or prevent wage garnishments from occurring.

Prevent liens from being filed or remove liens that are currently in place.

Settle your tax debt with the IRS based on your financial situation, doubt as to liability, or effective tax administration.

Negotiate an affordable payment agreement that allows you to pay your back taxes without causing a financial hardship.

Reduce or remove penalties that have accrued on your tax debt.

Stop assessment of trust fund recovery penalties or negotiate a settlement or payment agreement for trust fund recovery penalties already assessed.

Remove yourself from being liable for back taxes caused by your spouse’s income tax issues.

How we help our clients?