The importance of tax preparation is often overlooked by individuals. Many people either try to complete their own returns or put their trust in an unlicensed tax return preparer to save money on preparation fees. However, we have seen firsthand how this can lead to a devastating result costing thousands in additional taxes, penalties, interest, and representation fees. Additionally, it consumes your time and piles on unnecessary stress. Generally speaking, at least half of our clients become clients because of past improper tax preparation. Therefore, we have developed an affordable alternative that provides you with maximum protection and minimal taxes.

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At Spaulding Legal, APC we provide you with a licensed attorney that holds a Masters Degree in Taxation. During the tax preparation process, you will be counseled on how the tax law applies to your specific situation from an attorney that has represented taxpayers in front of the IRS and United States Tax Court. The goal is to ensure that you get every deduction, credit, and adjustment possible without putting yourself at risk of audit.



We stand behind our work. It is important to know that many tax preparers have little to no experience dealing with the IRS and will likely disappear at the first sign of an audit. At Spaulding Legal, APC we backup our tax preparation by including Audit Defense Protection with each return prepared and filed by us (see fee agreement for specific details).

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